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Hannah has put together a few of her favourite basics

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There's always so many things to think about when you have a new baby. 
We all know the feeling of the first time leaving the house with 47 nappies, 35 changes of clothes and everything but the kitchen sink! 
By the time you get to your second (or third child, in our case!), it becomes a little easier to really know what to pack, and what you will actually use.
If I'm honest, by the third...she's lucky if we even remember to bring the bag with us (sorry Maddie!) 😂

I've put together a few of my favourite basics down below:

🌟Nappies - depending on how long you will be away from home 1-2 should be totally fine. 

🌟Cloth Wipes - whether it's a dirty nappy, grubby hands or a milk spill...just add water to cloth wipes and you're good to go!

🌟A Wet Bag or Nappy Pod -Wet bags both large and mini are perfect to stash away in the nappy bag. The larger bag can hold dirty and soiled clothing or nappies, or you might need it to store rubbish to take home, carry something extra or attach to the pram to hold drink bottles etc. Our smaller bags are great for both clean or used cloth wipes (you can pre wet them at home),  or pop in dummies and snacks.

🌟A change of clothes - I like to keep it simple with one outfit - Our Hello Poppet All-in-One is perfect as you only need to carry around one thing, removing the bulk - plus they look pretty cute as an outfit too!

🌟 Hydration and snacks - this one is important for both children and parents - we like to take our drink bottles wherever we go.

🌟 Any special creams - If you have a teething bubba you might need to carry teething tamer with you for those just in case moments. Otherwise a kawakawa balm is always good to have on hand!

🌟Lucky last is a muslin - they have so many uses - protection from wind, emergency change mat, giant wipe, burp cloth - let your imagination run wild with this one!

I hope this is somewhat helpful 🙃 Just as you get the nappy bag packing sussed - your baby's needs will change - you'll need to pack snacks or toys or undies for toilet trainers...but that's just the way parenting goes isn't it? Finally figure something out and it changes again!

Happy packing 😅

Hannah xox