Getting Started

Getting started with cloth nappies doesn't need to be difficult. I know there's a lot of information out there about the 'right' way to do things, and if you want to follow that path, go for it!!

I'm going to try and bring it right back to the very basics below, to take away the fear around using cloth ... because it's not as hard as it sounds. I promise.

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So, what kind of nappies do you sell?

Ok, I've got my nappy. Now what?

Done that. I'm ready to go!

It seems too big, or too small?

It's been a few hours and bub is wet. So what do I do?

What if it's poo?

Should I be adding anything to the nappy? Cleaners? Bleach?

What about washing? How often? What do I do?

How do I dry them?

I like this ... how many more nappies do I need to buy?

This is great but I don't want to do full time. Is that ok?

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One of my favourite resources is Kate Meads of Wasted Kate.  She is full of excellent information about cloth nappies and other waste-free products.