Loyalty FAQ's

Signing Up

How do I join?

What are the advantages of becoming a rewards member?


I already have an account. Do I need to create a new one to earn rewards?

Will I receive points for purchases I made prior to creating my rewards account?

What if I have an old email address or multiple email addresses and want to combine my accounts & earnings?

Earning & Redeeming Rewards Vouchers and Discount Codes

How can I earn points?

How do I redeem my points?

How do points convert to dollars?

Can I earn points at Baby Expos or in person?

How can I earn points for leaving a review?

Can I review products without receiving a request email?

I can’t find my discount code!

Do I have to use all the discount code at once?

My code isn’t working, what should I do?

Can I use a rewards voucher with a discount code?

I redeemed my points for free shipping but I’ve been charged for shipping?


Is there a limit to how many points I can earn?

Is there a minimum spend?

Do my points expire?

Can the vouchers be used on sale items?

Reward Expiration

Do my discount vouchers expire?


Can I return my order if I redeemed rewards points for a discount? What will happen to my reward points?

I redeemed points but now I’ve changed my mind, can you cancel the voucher?

VIP Programme Questions

How is my VIP tier determined?

How do I know which Rewards tier I am currently a member of?

How do I know when I’ve reached another tier?

How do I check my points balance?

I think I’m missing points, what should I do?


How do I get my birthday points?

Refer a Friend

I received an error message when referring friends through the email referral box. What went wrong?

I referred a friend and they placed an order but I didn’t get a voucher?

I have a referral code but it’s not working?

Something Else!

I have another question

Loyalty Reward Video Instructions