Frequently Asked Questions

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What kind of nappies do you sell?
We offer four styles for cloth nappies - Newborn, One Size Fits Most (OSFM), Large and Luxe - plus reusable Training and Swimming nappies.

What's the difference?
Newborn - All-in-one style with a bamboo charcoal lining, five layers of absorbency, fits up to 5-6kg. No additional inserts required.
OSFM -  Pocket style with either bamboo or suede lining and comes with a four-layer microfibre insert.  Fits approx. 3.5kg - 18kg.
Large - Pocket style with a suede lining and comes with a four-layer microfibre insert.  Fits approx. 9kg - 25kg.
Luxe - All-in-one style with four layers of hemp, three layers of bamboo and a suede lining.  Fits approx. 3.5kg - 18kg. 

What kind of inserts do you have?
Our pocket nappies all come with a single four layer microfibre insert.  These are designed to go inside the pocket, and they shouldn't go directly against the skin as they can draw moisture away.  

We also sell bamboo (in both OSFM and Large size) and hemp inserts separately if you need additional absorbency.  These also fit inside the pockets, but can go against the skin if necessary.  Our recommendation is to put them inside the pocket with the microfibre on top, then bamboo, then hemp.

Where are the nappies designed and made?
We design the nappies here in New Zealand alongside our suppliers, selecting the fabrics, layout and domes that we want to stock for you.  The nappies are made in China.  

Why don't you make them in NZ?
Our goal with Bear & Moo is to encourage more Kiwi families to use cloth nappies, and we know that one of the biggest barriers to getting into it is the cost.  We wanted to design a product that was cute, funky, functional but also affordable.  That's why we outsource.  To bring you a product that we love, that we use on our own children, and that everyday Kiwi families can afford to purchase.

How many cloth nappies do I need to buy?
That all depends on how often you want your little one to wear cloth and how often you want to wash them!  Full time – we recommend around 20 nappies, but let’s be honest, if you can only afford to buy one, get one and that will start saving you money within 3 months.

Will it save me money?
Absolutely.  A disposable nappy averages about 45c.  Our nappies should last right through until your little one is toilet trained, and possibly for future children too, so within 3 months you’ll be saving yourself money.

How do I wash them?
Keep it simple!  Flush any number 2’s down the toilet, give them a quick rinse and then pop them into an empty bucket until washing day.  I would aim to wash every 2 – 3 days to avoid stains and smells.  Throw them in the machine on a warm cycle with whatever washing powder or liquid you use (I personally prefer Persil). Then add other clothes and small items and do a second wash with washing powder or liquid.  Dry on the line ideally, but the dryer on a low setting will work too.  Sunlight is perfect for getting out any last stains.  Don’t add any bleach or fabric softeners etc as they can damage the nappies.  Check out our guide to getting started with cloth nappies.

Do I have to deal with poo?
With any nappies (including disposables), poo should be going down the toilet.  It doesn’t mean you have to touch it!  If you’re finding it hard to get it down the toilet, buy a brush (and label it for nappies!) and use that to push it down to the loo.  But seriously, you’re a parent now … dealing with poo kinda comes with the territory!

How can I pay?
We’ve got options!  Shopify payments allows you to use your credit card or Visa debit card.  If you want to pay your order off, you can use Laybuy, Afterpay or Humm.

I'm trying to use my booty bounty rewards code or discount code at the checkout and it's not working - why not?
A couple of possibilities!  The most common is that there is a value pack in your cart.  Because these are already discounted, rewards vouchers and discount codes aren't valid on these items.  You may also be using another code already (Shopify only allows one code per order), or you perhaps have the code wrong.  If you're not sure, flick us an email and we'll be happy to help you figure it out.

Do you allow pick ups?
Yes we do.  We allow pick ups from our Warehouse at 20C Lake Road, Frankton, Hamilton.  Please select pick up at the checkout and you will receive an email notification when your order is ready for collection, including the pick up hours.  If the hours do not suit, please email us and we will do what we can.  Please note that all pick ups are only during business hours.

What’s your policy around privacy and my details?
Your privacy is incredibly important to us.  We will not disclose or sell your information or anyone … even if they ask really nicely.  Credit card details are not stored anywhere.  You can check out our full privacy policy here.   

More questions?  Email us at and we’ll do our best to answer!