CaliWoods Long-Handled Silver Razor available at Bear & Moo
CaliWoods Long-Handled Silver Razor available at Bear & Moo
CaliWoods Long-Handled Silver Razor available at Bear & Moo
CaliWoods Long-Handled Silver Razor available at Bear & Moo
CaliWoods Long-Handled Silver Razor available at Bear & Moo
CaliWoods Long-Handled Silver Razor available at Bear & Moo
CaliWoods Long-Handled Silver Razor available at Bear & Moo
CaliWoods Long-Handled Silver Razor available at Bear & Moo
CaliWoods Long-Handled Silver Razor available at Bear & Moo
CaliWoods Long-Handled Silver Razor available at Bear & Moo
CaliWoods Long-Handled Silver Razor available at Bear & Moo
CaliWoods Long-Handled Silver Razor available at Bear & Moo
CaliWoods Long-Handled Silver Razor available at Bear & Moo

Long Handled Silver Razor

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Product description

The CaliWoods Long-Handled Silver Razor makes for eco, easy and luxurious low waste shaving. The Safety Razor is completely plastic-free and is great for everyone.

CaliWoods Long-Handled Silver Razor Includes:

  • 1 x Long-Handled Silver Razor¬†
  • 5 x Stainless Steel Blades¬†
  • 1 x Blade Return Envelope¬†

About the CaliWoods Long Handled Silver Razor

  • Plastic free.¬†No more disposable plastic shavers filling our landfills and oceans - just replace the blades.
  • Unisex.¬†Great for everyone. Face, legs, underarms, bikini - this safety razor can shave everywhere.¬†
  • Refill blade packs¬†available at a super affordable price.¬†
  • Simplicity.¬†These razors are a simple¬†screw mechanism and two top holding plates - super durable with less parts that can break compared to a butterfly razor.
  • Blade take back program.¬†CaliWoods takes back your blades.¬†See info below¬†

Each of the Razor Blade Refills are double-edged. You get approximately five shaves on each edge of the razor blade. The benchmark for this is course facial hair so if you are shaving fine hair then the blades will last even longer.

TOP TIP: Use gentle pressure - let the weight of the stainless steel do the work for you!

CaliWoods Long-Handled Silver Razor Instructions

  1. Unscrew the head of the razor from the handle.
  2. Place the blade between the two top plates, holding by the blunt edges.
  3. Screw the handle back on and shave away!
  4. Replace the blade when it goes blunt. On average this is every fifth shave, less for thick hair, and more for fine hair.
  5. Rinse the Razor thoroughly after each use. Clean away soap and hair, then let your Safety Razor dry out of the shower.

    Storage your razor safely out of the shower between uses and take care not to drop your razor. 

    Change your blade regularly. A sharp blade will give you the best shave, and switching them out and wiping the parts prevents any residue in your Safety Razor.

    Give your Safety Razor a thorough rinse to prevent discolouration from soap residue after each use.

    Use a towel to dry your Razor, and don't store it in the shower. Take apart the three pieces and give them a dry if it's going to be a while between each use.

    CaliWoods Long Handled Silver Safety Razor Details

    • Stainless Steel Razor is made from Type 304 20% and Zinc Alloy 80%
    • Measurements: 9.4cm (h) Handle, 4.4cm (l) Blade Holding Plate
    • Secure¬†screw in blade with 2 top holding plates for durability and safety. The blade is held tightly between these two plates and you can shave with both sides
    • Stainless steel replacement blades and blade returns envelope included¬†

    The Cali Blade Take Back Program

    CaliWoods takes sustainability seriously. In this world, it's impossible to be perfect when the whole system seems to be against our best intentions. BUT...something as small as changing your razor can save hundreds of pieces of plastic every year.

    Better yet, if you send your used blades back to CaliWoods clean and dry, they will repurpose or recycle them! Once you have 40 or more blades, simply post them back.

    USE- Use, love, and shave sustainably until the blades are no longer sharp enough for the job

    DRY- Clean the blade and dry it thoroughly

    POST- Once you have 40 or more, seal the supplied envelope and wrap it into another (so the postman/postwoman's hands are safe), then post your blades back to CaliWoods. They accept them even if they are from another brand. Considering the end-of-life of a product and closing the waste loop is part of their product stewardship - getting the good stuff going here in NZ.


    C/O Handle With Care

    753 Te AtatŇę Road

    Te AtatŇę Peninsula

    Auckland 0610

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I use the Silver Razor for underarms and bikini area?

    Yes! Safe for the bikini areas of all genders. 

    The key of these areas is to use gentle pressure and pair your shaving with soap.  Go slow here with short strokes. Holding the skin taut with your free hand will help. Starting with a larger area of your body first will give you the confidence to move into the bikini area in no time. 

    I'm nervous about using one. How do they work?

    The Cali Silver Razor works just like a plastic one - but better! You only replace the blades.

    How safe are they? Will it cut me?

    A safety razor will not cut you if you use proper technique.

    Please note that you will not need to push the razor onto the skin like you do with a plastic one, simply let the weight of the razor do the job with a light drag along the skin. 

    How do I replace the blade?

    You unscrew the head of the razor from the handle, place a blade between the two top plates, holding by the blunt edges (the short edge, the blade is on the long-edge). Screw the handle back on and shave away!

    How often do I replace the blade? 

    This is very hair type dependant! On average this is 5 to 15 shaves.

    For example, thick facial hair you will switch out the blade every 5 or so shaves. For fine leg hair or underarms one blade can last 15+ shaves. At only 43cents per blade, you will really notice the difference in cost and no more chucking cartridges in the bin - win!

    Pro tip: If you don't shave often, remove the blade from the holding plates and dry between uses. This way your blade will last even longer. Remember not to keep your razor in the shower. 

    Is it as good as a plastic razor?

    Better! A Cali Silver Razor has a very close, smooth shave. Customers often comment on how smooth they are feeling. 

    Are the Silver Razors good for all genders?

    Yes! They are great for everyone.

    Will my Silver Razor rust?

    The holding plates and handle of the razor will not rust. The blades may rust after a time given they are often stored wet.

    When this happens simply give any rust a generous rub with a towel/emery cloth or replace the blade. If you dry your blade each time (recommended for the infrequent shavers out there) then this won't happen. 

    Why should I make the switch?

    Say hello to awesome, low waste shaves and goodbye to all those plastic razors and refill heads. Not only will you be reducing your waste but the using a CaliWoods Silver Razor will save you money too - all you need to replace is the blade!

    A Safety Razor only has one blade compared to a disposable with multiple. This helps reduce the chance of irritation and allows a closer shave. The Safety Razors are 100% plastic-free, unlike most disposable Razors, which need to be landfilled.

    Can I use regular soap?

    Yes, there will be enough suds to make it work well. For the face some people might prefer a thicker shaving cream.

    We recommend that you rinse the shaver well after each use to remove all the soap residue. 

    How many blades does each razor come with?

    You get 5 blades with each razor to get you started. We recommend buying a Razor Blade Refill Pack at the same time your order your razor. These means you won't run out of razor blades quickly, you maximise on shipping as well as reduce shipping packaging and courier carbon miles. 

    Are there any tips and tricks so I master these low waste shaves faster?

    Don't push with the shaver like you do with plastic ones. The weight of the razor means a gentle drag will give you a close shave. Getting used to the angle at which you hold the razor is key. After a couple of shaves you will get the hang of it!

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