Getting Started with Cloth Nappies - Q&A Part 2

We’re answering your most frequently asked questions.  Check out the video below or scroll down to read a summary if you prefer.


Can I use your nappies overnight?

This one’s a maybe.  Our nappies aren’t designed as specific night nappies, but you may have luck with them as many customers have.  I recommend starting with a microfibre insert and a bamboo insert and seeing how you go.  If you have leaks, add an extra bamboo insert or a cotton prefold.  Still no luck? Try a specific night nappy.

What do I do if I’m going out and about for the day?

Firstly, you’ll want a wet bag.  It’s fully waterproof (and smell proof) so perfect for when you’re out.  Ours have 2 pockets, so we pop nappies and a change of clothes etc into the big pocket.  Then when we have a change, we put the wet or dirty nappy in the smaller pocket.  If you are near a toilet then deal with poos as you normally would.  If not, fold it up and deal with it when you get home.

What about cloth wipes?

So we stock these too and you can absolutely use them out and about.  Either pre-wet them and pop them in a mini wet bag to take with you.  Or take them dry and use a tap or water bottle while you’re out.  Then just put them in your main wet bag with your dirty nappy.

Questions?  Email me and I’ll be happy to help!  Check out the rest of our video series and let us know what you want to hear about next!

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