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Fullstop - Sustainable products for your period

When we first started Bear & Moo, we had one thing in mind – to make cloth nappies simple and affordable, and we feel like we’ve nailed it. We’ve kept it simple by offering one style (the pocket nappy) in two fabrics (suede and bamboo) and because of that, together with our crew of amazing customers, we’ve saved goodness knows how many disposable nappies ending up in landfill.

So we wanted to take that concept and apply it something else that’s full of unnecessary disposable products – your period!

The Good Fund recently released some really humbling statistics about the ongoing cost and waste of disposable menstrual products in New Zealand:

  • Over 10 years, one woman may create approximately 39.5kg of waste – that’s up to 138kg over the life of her period headed straight to landfill.
  • The cost of single use menstrual products from puberty to menopause is approximately $8400.

It’s insane, right?

BUT! We’ve got options for you! We now offer menstrual cups and period underwear, and will be stocking reusable pads in the next few months. Again, like with our nappies, we want to make reducing period waste as simple and affordable as possible for maximum impact on our planet.

Here’s a breakdown to help you decide which product might be best for you.


Our MyCup NZ menstrual cups are made from 100% medical grade silicone, right here in New Zealand. The huge advantages of these is that you may only require one, and they can last up to 10 years – divide that by the cost ($35 - $45) and My Cup Menstrual Cup size 0you’re onto a winner! They require less handling than tampons and can also be used while swimming. 

However, menstrual cups are not one size fits all, and you will need the right fit for your body. The good news is – we have 3 options for you! The variety in our cups cater for teenagers with very light flows, to mums, to women with endometriosis - there really is something for everyone.

Size 0 caters mostly for teens aged 12-18, or anyone who just feels like they need a smaller cup – remember, you know your body! This one is for you if you would normally use mini or small tampons.

Size 1 is for women who would normally use regular tampons most of the time, as well as people who are first time cup users (except teens). The size 1 is the same length as the size 0 but slightly wider giving it the higher capacity.

Size 2 is the largest cup, and is for women for use super tampons all of the time, or who find that tampons can fall out.

Some women find that they need to use two sizes over the duration of their period given that your cervix can change position – how amazing are our bodies! Even with the cost of two cups, you’ll still be saving serious coin in comparison to using single use products. 


Period underwear is exactly what it sounds like – underwear that you wear during your period instead of bulky pads – breathable, waterproof, and absorbent. These are still relatively low cost, with a cost of $17 - $25 per pair, however with changing and washing we recommend 6-8 pairs depending on your cycle and flow. These will last 2-3 years. We offer a wide range of underwear so again, there is something for everyone! Check out below for a quick rundown of the differences!

Regular Briefs come in three styles – Midi, Bikini, and Full brief. The Midi brief is Love Luna period underwearyour everyday brief, with the greatest size range and a capacity of about 10-15mls (2-3 regular tampons). The Bikini brief is a slightly lower cut and comes with a cute lace trim, but has the same absorbency as the Midi (10-15mls/2-3 regular tampons). The Full brief is more absorbent, holding 15-20mls (3-4 regular tampons) so is perfect for sleep, new mums, or just a heavier flow. The full brief is also made with a cotton/elastane blend, rather than a nylon/elastane blend.

These can all be worn alone, or as a backup with a liner or menstrual cup also.

Light Bladder Leaks Brief (LBL Brief) comes in four styles – Midi, Full, Workout Midi and Maternity. The Midi and Full briefs are designed to be your everyday briefs to support you through every cough, sneeze, laugh, even a jump on the trampoline with your kids! These both have a capacity of 40mls with 5 layer technology to keep your feeling dry, and can be used for your period as well as bladder leakage. The Workout Midi is perfect for your gym sessions or yoga class, with laser cut edges for no visible undie lines, and a supportive waistband to stop them rolling down. The absorbency is slightly less at 30mls. If you are struggling with light bladder leakage in pregnancy, the Maternity brief is a great bump friendly option!

Our underwear comes a wide variety of sizes and we strongly recommend sizing up on all of our period underwear products. It’s also good to remember that only you know your flow, so if you are worried about light leakage, try a liner or a menstrual cup in addition to a pair of period underwear.

A wee added bonus here is that 10% of sales of our menstrual cups and period underwear go back to The Good Fund to help the fight against period poverty in New Zealand!


We are knuckling down on getting effective and affordable reusable pads for you, which will be available within the next couple of months, but in the meantime, here’s a wee bit of info to give you a heads up before we start stocking them.

Much like period underwear, reusable pads need to be changed as frequently as a disposable pad, and washed every day (or two), so you will require 9 – 12, again depending on your flow and cycle. They have a lifetime of 2 – 3 years and will cost $10 - $15 each, so another low cost option. They will come in a range of absorbency because we are all different and nothing should be one size fits all when it comes to periods!


Phew! That seems like an awful lot of info! But we want you to be able to make the right decision for you. Every single use product we don’t use helps both your wallet and our planet, and we are so excited for the impact that we can make together!

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