11 Uses for Mini Wet Bags
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11 Uses for Mini Wet Bags

Jul 18, 2019

We are so excited to now be stocking mini waterproof wet bags.  These are the same high quality as our standard & medium wet bags, but in a smaller size of approximately 20cm x 16cm.  Single zip at the top, and a handle on the side, these are the perfect handbag size for all the little bits and pieces.

So what can they be used for?  Here’s some ideas! 

Cloth Wipes

We’re a cloth nappy business, so of course something nappy related will be up the top of the list!  If you use cloth wipes (or want to), these bags will be perfect for popping clean, wet wipes in ready for you to use.  Once you’ve used them, pop them in your standard wet bag along with the dirty nappy ready to wash when you get home. 

Reusable Menstrual Products

Do you use period underwear, reusable pads or a menstrual cup?  Need to carry spares around with you when you’re out and about?  Pop them in one of these cute bags and you don’t have to worry about mess or getting caught short. 


Being waterproof, these bags are a great way to store the sticky pamol bottle, or any other medicines that you need easy access to in your handbag, or suitcase when travelling.  


Along the same lines, if you’re heading on holiday and need to throw a few basics in your bag, pop them in a wet bag first so they don’t get lost.  How many times have you lost bobby pins and hair ties?  Keep them all in one place! 


I’m not a huge makeup wearer, so I only own a few basics and they easily fit inside one of these bags and make it nice and easy to transport and fine, while keeping everything else in my handbag clean.

First Aid Supplies

A packet of tissues, some plasters, a cream, paracetamol, just the essentials for when you’re out and about and something minor happens.  


Yes, you can even pop snacks in them when you’re heading out an about or as an addition to your lunch box

Cloth Nappy

These will fit a single cloth nappy, so if you’re just out for a couple of hours and want to make sure you have a spare, here’s a great way to carry it! 

Reusable Breast Pads

The perfect size to fit reusable breast pads if you need to keep a spare pair on you in case you need to change half way through the day.  While we don’t stock them just yet, keep your eyes peeled as they will hopefully be coming soon!

Teething Toys

Got a wee one who is teething?  Pop your teething toys in here so you can easily find them when you’re out and about and in need!

Bottle or Breast Pump Parts

You know all those little bits and pieces that you don’t want to lose track of?  Here’s a way to keep them stored in one spot.

Inspired and ready to get some for your collection?  Check out all the cute fabrics now!  Let us know what you use yours for … we always need more inspiration!

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