6 Ways to Use Wet Bags
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6 Ways to Use Wet Bags

Nov 05, 2018

Wet bags are so multifunctional and are one of those things that I’m not sure how I lived without!  We love the variety of patterns available, as well as the large size … you can fit so much in them! 

So what can you use them for?

Here’s our rundown of some of our fave uses! 


Obviously this is the biggest reason in this household.  Any time we go out and about we make sure we have a wet bag in our nappy bag to throw dirty or wet nappies in until we get home.  Being waterproof means the smell doesn’t seep through onto anything else.

Wet Clothes

Has your daycare, kindy or playcentre decided to go plastic free?  So many are doing it these days and wet bags are a great replacement for plastic bags.  With two pockets they can hold both wet and dry clothes so are great to throw into the school bag ready for the day.

Swimming Togs

As we head into summer there will be more days at the pool and the beach.  These wet bags are great for your togs and towels after a day in the sun.  They are big enough to hold both a towel and togs (plus maybe a few extras) and because they are waterproof, the water won’t affect anything else in the bag or car.

Dirty Washing

Heading away on holiday?  Throw a wet bag or two into your bag and use it to house your dirty washing.  That way when you get home, you’ll know which items are clean and which are dirty.  Easy.

Gym Gear

Wet bags aren’t just for kids!  If you get changed at the gym and then head to work, you’ll need somewhere to put your sweaty, smelly gym gear.  Wet bags!  Keep one in the car for emergencies too.


Going for a walk or hike and don’t want to pop dirty sneakers back in the car?  Throw them in a wet bag.  It keeps mud or dirt off everything else, and is easy to throw into the washing machine when you get home. 


So, what do you use your wet bags for?  Maybe you pop toys in them when you’re travelling, or use them to pack a full outfit if someone else is looking after your little one?  We would love to hear about your favourite ways to use a wet bag!

Bear & Moo wet bags are approximately 30 x 40cm, double zippered with two pockets, and are fully waterproof.  They come in a range of fabrics, with more being released regularly.  They retail for $15 plus postage.

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  • Maria Thompson
    Nov 16, 2018 at 20:43

    Hello I’m a young Māma, my son is currently 4 moths old and I am wanting to give cloth nappies a try to make a change 🙌🏻💛


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