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Ever wondered what the difference is between a OSFM pocket nappy and a Luxe nappy? We know all of the nappy jargon can get a little confusing, so we've put together this handy post about Luxe Nappies as some easy to digest information!

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Before we start on Luxe nappies, let's quickly touch base on OSFM nappies.

OSFM stands for One Size Fits Most - these are a pocket nappy, meaning they have a pocket in the back where you put (commonly referred to as stuff/stuffing) an insert - all of our OSFM nappies come with one 4-layer microfibre insert. There are other options for inserts such as Hemp + Bamboo and you can read more about that HERE.
Our OSFM nappies are either Suede or Bamboo lined and we've got a blog post HERE explaining the difference of the two options. 

Now that we've quickly covered pocket nappies, the main difference in Luxe is that it is an all-in-one nappy. There are no pockets and no added inserts to 'stuff'.

The inserts/absorbency are attached to the nappy.

As you can see in the picture, the 'inserts' are sewn into the nappy.

Luxe nappies come with both bamboo and hemp 'inserts' which means they are more absorbent than a standard OSFM (which comes with one microfibre).Our luxe nappies are specially made using waterproof PUL with four layers of hemp, three layers of bamboo and a soft suede lining (the white one) for againstthe skin.

They also have a PUL tummy panel to help prevent leaks.These are not a specific night nappy, however due to the extra absorbency, a lot of our customers have had success with using Luxe nappies overnight.

Because Luxe nappies don't require any special cleaning (just the same as a OSFM) and they are attached, requiring less work (no stuffing), these are a great starter nappy if you want to give cloth nappies a try with the least amount of admin! 

They are designed to fit approx. 3.5kg – 18kg using the adjustable domes.

We hope this has been helpful in explaining our awesome Luxe nappies - if you wish to give them a go you can shop our gorgeous range of Luxe Nappies here.

We are always happy to answer any questions you might have about luxe nappies (or any of the products we stock) on socials, via email: and on our friendly CREW on Facebook.

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