10 (actually) easy and healthy kids snacks ideas
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10 (actually) easy and healthy kids snacks ideas

Mar 25, 2024

Obviously NaturKidz Fruit Crispz are amazing and an easy go-to but we’re realistic, we know you need other options so try these no fuss kids snack ideas:

Fancy Pants Cucumber: Sliced cucumber sprinkled with dill and salt

Ewww! Ants on a Log: Spread peanut butter or almond butter on celery sticks and top with raisins or choc chips

Make it Yog-self Cups: Natural yoghurt with crushed freeze-dried fruit for crunch, honey drizzle or chopped pineapple for sweetness and frozen blueberries or strawberries for colour. Get them make their own “potions”

Bananaramas: Take those nearly-too-old bananas, chop them up, roll them in yoghurt and granola then freeze on baking paper

Minecraft Cheese: Cut cheese into cubes. Yeah it’s just cheese, but cooler (or is it cube-ier?)

Bald Heads:  Hard boiled eggs.  You can make like 10 of these at the start the week – extra good protein power!

Better than Movie Popcorn: Pop the corn and sprinkle with crushed Fruit Crispz. Trust us

Lucky Dips:  Pull out all the leftovers, arrange artfully (or not) on a platter and let them go wild

Wrap Pizza: Spread a wholemeal wrap with tomato paste, sprinkle with cheese (and anything else they’ll let you), cook for 5-7mins and cut into pizza triangles

Fruit Swords: Fruit Kebabs but call them swords and they’re much more fun. Top tip: stick a marshmallow in the middle and they’ll have to eat the fruit to get to it!

Bonus:  Homemade Ice blocks - simply add squeezed lemon, limes, oranges and a bit of sugar (diluted in hot water) to cold water to suit your tastes and freeze in ice block molds.  Get the kids to come up with the ice block names (and eat them outside!)


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