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Not sure what all the hype is about with our Luxe nappies?  Twin Mama Shannon has put together some information for you

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Luxe nappies - they sound luxurious, interesting, BETTER than OSFM - and they pretty much are!

The Luxe nappy is an all-in-one nappy, meaning the inserts are sewn in and can’t be taken out. Coming with both bamboo and hemp means they are more absorbent than a standard OSFM (which comes with a microfibre) and for us that mean a perfect opportunity for nighttime cloth.

My twins are moderate overnight wetters and we have tried many night nappy combos with varying success - other brands’ pocket nappies, heavily boosted OSFM nappies, flat nappies - and when Bear & Moo brought out the Luxe I thought to myself ‘yep - this could be it!’

We started trying the Luxe overnight and the first night we tried, it went perfectly. No leaks. They are so easy to configure to make it work for you and your babies so I was confident that even if they didn’t work at first, I would be able to make them work and I did! We did use an extra bamboo insert as well just for extra protection. The beauty of the Luxe being an AIO nappy is that it doesn’t end up super bulky or hard to arrange the inserts to fit properly in the pocket - because there is no pocket. If I was to stuff a pocket nappy with the same inserts it would be bulky, probably uncomfortable and definitely hard to fit!

I also have friends who have heavy wetting babies who use the Luxe during the day and find they are the perfect heavy wetter day nappy too. Being the same size as OSFM they are still easy to fit and aren’t super bulky.

Since they are not a ‘night nappy’ specifically, they are perfect for any time use and don’t need any extra cleaning, stuffing or arranging. They are the perfect lazy man’s nappy as there is literally no extra work required!

I love that there is also a sewn-in stay dry layer on the bamboo insert. This means no yucky uncomfortable wet feeling for baby and it just gives that extra little feeling of luxury - I would definitely prefer to sit on a nice stay dry layer!

We have had so much success with our Luxe nappies that I have given some to family and friends to have for their babies and they’ve also told me how much they love them.

They really are a Luxe nappy - if you’re a cloth mum, you just know!

You can check out our full range of Luxe Nappies online now!