Here at Bear & Moo we love supporting others through fundraising opportunities.  

We like to make it as easy as possible. All our products are available as a fundraising item.  You don't need to hold stock or take orders, we do it all for you.
Here's how it works:
  • We set up a code just for your centre/organisation.
  • We will email you a PDF and JPG poster promoting the fundraiser including the code, for you to distribute or display.
  • Customers can then go to our website and make a purchase and enter your code.
  • The code does not give them any discount - they pay the full retail price including shipping.
  • Once the order has been placed, we ship it directly to the family.
  • We track the orders and once a month (or once the promotion ends), 15% of all sales, excluding shipping, is donated to you.  We make arrangements with you around the best way to do this.  
You are welcome to put a deadline on it if you like, or keep it open, whichever you prefer.
Questions or want to go ahead?  Email us on