Our Story

Bear & Moo is a family-owned Hamilton based company that launched in 2018.   

As a new Mum, I found there were lots of little costs that added up.  One of the things that I used to hate spending money on was nappies.  They go through so many of them, and not only are they costing me a tonne of money, they're also going straight to the landfill and doing nothing to help the environment.

So I looked into cloth nappies.

To begin with, I was completely overwhelmed.  There were so many options, so many different price-points, and so many opinions on the 'right' way to do things. 

I did it my way.

Easy, affordable and cute as pie.  I bought reusable nappies I liked, at a price I could afford and didn't necessarily follow all the rules.  I started with one cloth nappy a day (saving me about 30c a day on a newborn disposable).  Moved up to cloth at home and disposables while out and very quickly, we were cloth during the day and disposables overnight. 

And that's where my happy place is.

I'm not 'perfect', but I'm doing my bit to be eco-friendly, and I've saved thousands of dollars by not using disposables full time.  That's my inspiration for Bear & Moo ... saving you money and giving you a choice.  You don't have to be perfect and you don't have to do it 'right'.  Just do what works for you.


Meet the Team

Bear & Moo is Hannah's 4th baby, Mum of 3 (Regan, Hadley and Maddie) and wife to Richard. Lover of a Malibu & Coke (no sugar - it's all about balance!), Hannah's the one who does all the behind the scenes strategy, planning, decision making, manufacturing and is the face you see on social media!

Hannah Porter | The One Who Runs The Show

Richard is Hannah's husband and has been a part of the business since day 1, listening to the ideas and helping make all the pieces fit. He is now a stay at home Dad to their 3 kids and helps us out in the business with making improvements to streamline processes. He's also a big cycling advocate and you'll often see him in his cargo bike with the kids.

Richard Porter | The One Who Helps us Continually Improve

Hannah joined us in 2022 from a retail background. She is the ultimate people-person, loving interacting with our customers and seeing the friendly faces at pick ups. Hannah is Mum to 2 girls, Winter and Dakota, and looks after our wholesale customers and helps get us on more shelves! She also manages our presence at large scale events such as expo's.

Hannah McLean | The One Who Puts us on Display

Alana lives in Australia and works remotely on our website. She is our Shopify Guru and adds products & content, edits images and makes our website as user-friendly as possible. Alana was born in New Zealand and is Mum to Reade. They live in Lake Macquarie, in the Hunter Valley NSW, and enjoy exploring and camping along the East Coast.

Alana Fleming | The One Who Fills The Gaps

Nichole joined the Bear & Moo team in September 2023 coming from a marketing background within the Agriculture industry. Having spent years directing farmers on shoots, she was pleasantly surprised at how well behaved babies and toddlers were when there is a camera in front of them! She is a lover of coffee, retail and being a Mum to Ada and Beau her two children.

Nichole Hackett | The One Who Drives Growth, Sales & Love