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Snacks for New Parents

Jul 03, 2021


Since having Maddy almost 4 weeks ago, I’m hungry ALL THE TIME.  I’m very very thankful that breastfeeding is going well for us, it was previously harder work with the boys, so I’m super grateful, but it has increased my appetite through the roof.

I’m finding I’m snacking a lot, and it’s very easy to grab sugary snacks when they don’t require any effort.  I’m loving lactation cookies and lactation bars, and they do serve a purpose, but I could do with getting rid of all the chocolate, brownie, biscuits and other stuff I’m eating.  I asked on Instagram for suggestions and these were some of my faves.  Note: I tried to choose the ones that could be eaten cold – I want to be able to just grab and eat, not have to prep too much at the time!

Buy and Eat

  • Bliss balls (could make your own too with added brewers yeast, oats etc for milk supply)
  • Nuts, Seeds or Seaweed
  • Mandarins
  • Fruit and Veges – cut and store in the fridge.  Serve the veges with hummus or cottage cheese
  • One Square Meal bars
  • Rice crackers with hummus, avocado etc

A Little Prep

  • Smoothies – such an easy way to add extra nutrition like spinach, or add in a protein or lactation powder.  You can even freeze ingredients in portions ready to go.
  • Chicken & buns – a kiwi staple!
  • Porridge – buy the sachets if needed – or overnight oats in the slow cooker
  • Toasties – pre make and freeze so they’re easy to pop in the toasted sandwich maker when you need them
  • Breakfast burritos or Bacon & Egg McMuffins - again pre make these and freeze them ready to cook/heat and eat
  • Boiled eggs - these last in the fridge maybe up to a week so you can bulk make for a few days at a time.


Get your Cook and Bake on!

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