Getting Started with Cloth Nappies - Wash Routine
Cloth Nappies + Inserts

Getting Started with Cloth Nappies - Wash Routine

Aug 26, 2019

Knowing how to wash reusable cloth nappies seems to be one of the biggest barriers for people thinking about getting started, so let’s un-complicate it!  

When you first get your nappy you’ll get both the outer or shell, and the insert.  Step one is to pop them in the washing machine on a normal load and you’re good to go. 

Then once bub has worn the nappy, we need to clean it!

If it’s poo, flick as much as you can down the toilet, then rinse the nappy under the laundry tap and pop it into an empty bucket.

If it’s wet, just put it straight into that bucket.

We say bucket, but it can be whatever you have (ideally with holes for airflow) – wire basket, washing basket, bucket, whatever you have.  Don’t add any water, bleach etc.

Then at wash time, we recommend a pre wash with your nappies, inserts, cloth wipes and anything else that might have touched poo.  Once that has finished, add other clothes or bits and pieces and do a full cycle.

What you’re aiming for it:

  • Ideally a 40 to 60 degree warm wash
  • Full load for agitation
  • If the nappies are soiled, a prewash

The sun is your best option for drying, however they can go in the dryer on a low setting if needed.

Our recommended wash routine is below, but also if something else is working for you, roll with it!  Don't change what isn't broken.

Questions?  Email me and I’ll be happy to help!