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School Holiday Fun

Apr 16, 2021

School Holiday Fun
We know the holidays can be a busy time, sometimes you just need a day at home…but the kids still need entertaining! We’ve got you covered with three simple activities to keep the kids happy and entertained for hours! Each activity can be suited to many different age - Check them out down below! 

Simple Playdough

Everyone loves playdough right?! It’s great for developing muscles in the hands that will later be used for holding and gripping a pen - plus it can be rather relaxing for adults too! 

For Babies, this will be a sensory experience, a new texture and something to explore. Lots of supervision is needed to make sure too much doesn’t end up in the mouth though! Toddlers will enjoy squashing, rolling and patting - you can add a wooden chopping board, cookie cutters and a rolling pin, or even some toy cars to create tyre tracks. Older children may enjoy creating, you can add extra bits and pieces like feathers and ice block sticks or head outside into nature and grab some leaves and twigs for printing and making patterns.

Easy Race Track

This is a great activity for all ages. Babies and toddlers will enjoy pushing cars along the track while older children might enjoy creating scenes - think race track, mechanics, farm or construction site. You can use the tape to create fences, roads or carparks and add cardboard boxes for garages - The options are endless! 

Foam Bubbles

This is a messy one but a fun one! The recipe is really a guide as you can add more or less water and dish wash liquid as you go- just keep whipping with the electric egg beater! Babies will enjoy exploring the texture (again just be careful of it going in the mouth or eyes), a top tip is that you can also pop the kids in the bath or bottom of the shower to create less mess! Toddlers may enjoy exploring the texture, mixing colours and scooping and pouring. Younger children will enjoy the making process and might like vehicles or toy animals added. You can also add smaller objects underneath the foam and get the kids to put their hands in and guess what they can feel!- Fun for all! 

We hope these ideas will come in handy and help to keep the kids entertained! Let us know if you tried any of the activities by tagging us in your social media posts! 

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