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Aug 17, 2021

For many, expecting a new baby is such an exciting time. There’s the feeling of the first movements, telling friends and family, and of course all of the baby shopping! Where do you start? Yes, there are all the cute little outfits and home décor items, but what are some must-have items and things that are fab for a new baby (and a new Mum)?

Luckily for you, Hannah has just had a baby and has become our real life product tester, trying out some of our products for you.

Here are Hannah’s recommendations for newborn life:

  • Pastel cloth wipes- These are so versatile. Not only are they super soft and perfect for their intended purpose as reusable wet wipes, they make a great burp cloth, face cloth and are perfect for cleaning up spills.  Our cloth wipes are made from 100% cotton and are a generous size of 20cm x 20cm.
  • Milkbar leggings – This one is for the Mama’s! Hannah bought a pair of these leggings and loved them so much she just had to stock them as she knew you would love them too! They are great for pregnancy, but she has found them absolutely incredible for postpartum. They are high-waisted so hold everything in, helping you to feel firm and secure. They are super soft and comfortable and most importantly they have pockets!  If you’re expecting, grab yourself a pair – you’ll thank us later!
Milkbar Leggings
  • Milk makers…this one is technically for the babies, but mum gets to consume these delicious treats! Coconut Cranberry Cookies from The Lactation Station and Salted Caramel Lactation Blend from Mammas Milk Bar. Both of these are dairy free, help to boost milk supply and are SUPER YUMMY! Have a cookie or two with your cup of coffee/tea or add the lactation blend to your morning oats or smoothie, to help increase your milk supply.
  • Haakaa Squeezy Silicone Bulb Syringe, or snot sucker as we like to call it! This is a great thing to have on hand and tucked away in your medical kit, especially for winter babies. It is gentle and soft and can help to remove snot from those dreaded blocked noses, making breathing and feeding just that little bit easier.

Muslin swaddles

  • Bear & Moo Muslin Swaddle. Now we are a bit biased on this but we all absolutely love our Muslin Swaddles and think that they are definitely a ‘must have’. They are a super generous size, 100% organic cotton (so soft), and are very versatile. Use as a swaddle/wrap, a cover when breastfeeding (if that’s how you choose to feed), or a playmat on the ground…there are so many uses.
  • Bear & Moo large wet bags – With the double pocket option you can store both clean and dirty clothes, dirty nappies when out and about, togs/towel, car keys, toys – there are so many options. A large wet bag is definitely an essential item.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this little list of faves from Bear & Moo – we really do love everything we stock and hope to make some choices just that little bit simpler for you.


*Quick note: Please remember that baby’s really don’t need a lot of ‘things,’ a loving safe home, somewhere safe to sleep, warm clothing, safe transport and food/milk. 

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