The Mindful Me Gratitude Affirmation Cards by Hinkler from Bear & Moo

The Mindful Me Gratitude Affirmation Cards

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Today I choose gratitude!

Start your day the right way with Mindful Me Gratitude Affirmation Cards. With 50 positively inspiring cards, learn to let go of the negative and embrace the positive.

After reading your affirmation, you can display your card on the stand and then colour how you feel with the awesome galaxy mood-tracker poster.

The cards feature fun illustrations with inspiring messages such as: I am brave, I love making new friends and today will be a good day!

The poster explains what affirmations are and how to use them along with a mood tracker so kids can learn that feeling different emotions is normal and better cope with negative feelings.


  • 50 affirmation cards
  • 1 mood-tracker poster
  • 1 card stand