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The Boys in the Waka Ama

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Tahi, rua, toru, wha! Hoea to waka! Meet the team of boys who are training hard for the big competition in this exciting story about waka ama racing!

A story celebrating the traditional Polynesian sport of outrigger canoe racing, from the creators of the bestselling The Girls in the Kapa Haka.
These are the crew of the waka, which race
side-by-side at a heart-thumping, breath-taking pace.
Their whanau have gathered along the shore -
"Kia tere! Kia tere! Kia tere - give more!"
The waka glides faster, the boys dig in deep.
There will be no rest till this race is complete
as they race in the waka ama.

With a lovely singing text and vibrant illustrations, this timely story celebrates all aspects of this incredibly popular and fast-growing sport that is so special to Aotearoa.

Written by, Angie Belcher and Debbie Tipuna