Soap Swish

Soap Swish

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Stainless steel soap swish / soap saver / suds maker / soap shaker whatever you call it have been around since nana's generation. I have had so many customers ask for this Bento Ninja product, I had to stock them for you.

Soap Swish is the old fashioned way of using a bar of soap to create soapy water for dishwashing, handwashing, laundry or bubble bath. 

  1.  Place a bar of (dishwashing) soap into the cage and under the hot water or swish it in a sink/bowl of the hot water to create soap suds. 
  2. Take out and hang to drain and dry or place on Bento Ninja's soap dish to avoid soap residue dropping. Say good-bye to plastic dishwashing liquid bottles!

Size: 25 x 10.5cm, Inner cage size; 9.5 x 6 x 3cm

Made from rust-resistant stainless steel 304

Should last a lifetime!