Silicone Mould | Mini Hearts

Silicone Mould | Mini Hearts

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Create your own mini hearts with this silicone mould from Little Giant Kids Store.

They withstand temperatures from -40℃ to 230℃ so you could do anything from ice to piping hot boiled lollies.

Made from 100% non toxic food grade silicone means you don't need to worry about any nasties. Give your little giant a surprise on their plate or when they open their lunchbox with some mini heart treats.

Some of our favourite things to make are:

  • Healthy homemade gummy's
  • Healthy homemade jellies
  • Frozen yoghurt
  • Frozen puree fruit

You could also make other things like ice, chocolate, lollies and crayons.

Dimensions - 18cm x 11cm x 1.5cm

Dropper included, colour may vary.