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Hungry Cubs Pouchee Replacement Lids (3 Pack) | Bear & Moo | Bear and Moo | Hamilton, New Zealand | baby spoon | feed baby | baby food | kai carrier | reusable | cloth nappies | environmentally friendly | save money | good for the environment | sustainable living | waste free | Hungry Cubs Pouchee Replacement Lids (3 Pack)

Pouchee Replacement Lids (3 Pack)

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Great to have if you accidentally misplace or lose your Pouchee caps.

Please note: The Hungry Cubs products come packaged in sealed plastic bags as silicone attracts dust and the products need to be kept clean during the shipping and storage process

These choke-avoidance caps allow air to flow through even when swallowed. This means that should a small child accidentally swallow the cap, air will continue to pass through the cap and enable the child to breath, rather than pushing the cap down deeper.

For extra safety, we recommend that you use our Choomee Sip’n Lids for children under the age of two years.