Mahi | Actions by Kitty Brown and Kirsten Parkinson from Bear & Moo

Mahi | Actions (Reo Pēpi Toru Series 3)

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Beautiful bilingual board book about actions in Te Reo Māori and English.

Meet some of our favourite kiwi kararehe and find out what they like to do best!

Learn to introduce yourself and your favourite activities too.

Toru Series 3

Series 3 from Reo Pēpi builds on early concepts Te Reo Māori. The first two series of books for 0-5 year old’s focused on language for use amongst whānau and particularly for parents to communicate with their tamariki.

The volumes in Toru take things a step further and introduce:

  • Simple pro-noun use
  • Language for simple introductions
  • Wellbeing enquiries and responses
  • Actions tamariki will love  

Series 3 extends a celebration of NZ flora and fauna to include a visual, illustration laden book of opposite words.

Written by Kitty Brown and Kirsten Parkinson