Bear & Moo In the Jungle Mini Wet Bag

In the Jungle Mini Wet Bag

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Why Choose Bear & Moo Mini Wet Bags?

  • Mini Wet Bags have so many uses!  Everything from cloth wipes to medication, toiletries, snacks, handbag organisers, reusable menstrual products and more. 
  • Our Mini Wet Bags measure approx. 20 x 16cm, and include a handle with a dome making it easy to attach anywhere you may need
  • Perfectly sized to fit a spare single cloth nappy
  • Mini Wet Bags will fit approximately five of our pastel cotton wipes
  • Reusable wet bags are a better choice the environment
  • Perfect for kiwi kids (and adults!) - support local and shop small

This print is also available in a larger 30 x 40cm In the Jungle Large Wet Bag.

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