Figgy & Co Laundry Soaker from Bear & Moo

Figgy & Co Laundry Soaker - 50% active

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At a whopping 50% active, you won’t find anything like this on the supermarket shelf. Made from only oxygen bleach and baking soda this really is a powerful stain remover that is gentle on your clothes and the environment. But even better it is chlorine free and will not strip colour from clothing. There are no enzymes, additives or fillers – only the two ingredients listed above making it very concentrated! What does this mean for you? No unnecessary chemicals AND a little goes a long way. Safe for septic tank and grey water systems.

(FYI most big brand soakers are approximately 20% active. Using Figgy’s soaker which is 50% active means you will need less than half the amount you would usually use for the same effect- without the additional chemical burden. Hooray!)

To use: Use 1/4 cup in a bucket of warm water to safely lift away stains – soak for at least 2 hours or overnight if possible. Figgy’s laundry soaker is considered colour safe and is best used with warm water (hot water alone can lighten highly coloured items). Use common sense when soaking zipper and delicates, and always soak like-colours together. Alternatively use 1-2 tablespoons per washing load as an in-wash booster.

Ingredients: Oxygen bleach, baking soda

  • Detergent free
  • No fillers
  • No chlorine
  • Waterway safe
  • No fake fragrance
  • No optical brighteners
  • No dyes or enzymes
  • No animal products or testing
  • Septic and grey water safe

Packaging: Number five plastic, recyclable by most councils in NZ.