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Laundry Soaker - 50% active

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This 750g tub is a stains worst nightmare. At a whopping 50% active, you will not find anything like this on the supermarket shelf. Made from only oxygen bleach and baking soda this really is a powerful stain remover that is gentle on your clothes and the environment. It is chlorine-free and colour safe, but needs warm-hot water to activate and for this reason soak colours like for like.

And here is what makes our soaker different: most big brand soakers are 20-25% active and full of ingredients like stripping detergents and optical brighteners. Using Figgy soaker means you will need less than half the amount you would usually use for the same effect- without the additional chemical burden. Hooray!

Use 1/4 cup per bucket for soaking or add a teaspoon to your laundry for an extra boost.

For more information check out the Figgy & Co website.