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We want a way for you (and us) to give back and so we've come up with a plan!  We have decided to start by supporting The House of Grace in Hamilton, which is a home for pregnant teens to equip them and empower them on their motherhood journey.

While living at the house, they are encouraged to use cloth nappies, and often when the Mums leave, they are keen to continue using cloth nappies but don't have the funds to purchase a stash.  This is where we all come in.

For every $10 that is donated, we will top it up and donate a cloth nappy to The House of Grace to distribute however they see fit.  You can choose to donate any amount (from $1) and we will keep track and do a monthly delivery of nappies based on the donations.  Every dollar counts, there's no amount too small as it will all add up very quickly!  

As this grows we will look to expand who we work with, so if you know of an organisation that would benefit from cloth nappies to distribute to families who would love to be using them but can't afford them, please send us an email to let us know!

How To Donate:

Add this item to your cart and change the quantity to suit.  So a quantity of 1 is worth $1.  Want to donate $5? Change the quantity to 5.  $10 - change the quantity to 10, etc.  


Email us and we'll respond as soon as we can!