Figgy & Co Natural Dishwasher Powder 1kg available at Bear & Moo

Dishwasher Powder

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Figgy & Co have developed a dishwasher powder that gets your dishes clean and ready to serve up food, not left-over chemicals! A clever formulation with two safe, active ingredients – it’s concentrated and effective and leaves no space for harsh chemicals, fillers, fake fragrance, dyes, enzymes or optical brighteners. Not only will this dishwasher powder do good by you, it’s simple and safe ingredients are also doing good by our waterways too.

Figgy & Co's 1kg bottle is enough for 50 loads of dishes! ($0.38/per load).

Formulated to degrease and clean, deodorize and stop water spots forming- this is comprehensive cleaner is made with washing soda and oxygen bleach- that’s it!

To use:
Dose with 1 tablespoon per load. Adjust for load size and soiling. For optimal cleaning use a wash cycle that is warmer and longer. Scrape off dishes that have food scraps remaining (no dishwasher powder can make food disappear) and stack dishwasher to ensure adequate water spray reaches all dishes. Suitable for dishwasher safe dishes and metal ware. Store airtight.

  • Septic and grey water safe.
  • Waterway safe.

Ingredients: Washing soda, oxygen bleach.