The Good Fund

The Good Fund is the brainchild of Emily from Raising Ziggy and Kimberli from MyCup NZ.  It started out to support women to access reusable menstruation options and now, we're supporting you to get started using reusable cloth nappies.

When you purchase this pack, a portion of your sale goes back into The Good Fund to help more families.

If you want to get started on cloth nappies but cannot afford the initial cost, a reimbursement of 50% of the pack cost is available by emailing xxx BEFORE you make your purchase.


Over the course of a baby's nappy journey, a person can spend an average of $3000 – $4000 on disposable nappies. These products are not only unsustainable on a community level, they are also polluting our environment. 

The biggest question is: “Why don’t more people use reusable products like cloth nappies?”

One of the biggest barriers to accessing reusable cloth nappies is cost. The initial setup cost is a barrier for many people, and depending on which product you prefer to use, can mean that access is just not possible.


That’s where “The Good Fund” comes in. It is here to help those who cannot access these products. Its mahi is to reimburse up to 50% of the cost of reusable cloth nappies (and menstrual products if needed) to those that just cannot afford to invest in a sustainable option.

Initially Emily raised some money at the “Fill-a-bag” event she created to raise funds for this initiative. Unbelievably the fund was access by over 50 people in two weeks for menstrual products and we are now looking for people to help us to grow this fund to help more people.

How can you help?

If you are keen to donate the bank account for the fund is: 02-0316-0538990-010. Every dollar donated to the fund will help someone access a pack of nappies or menstrual products.

If you are keen to buy a pack, a percentage of all sales goes back into the fund. The packs you can buy are below!

Wanna ask us a question?

About the Good Fund: Please email Emily and Kimberli at and we would love to hear how you can help us!  

About Bear & Moo and cloth nappies: Please email Hannah on  

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