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Mum’s Christmas Must-Haves

When it comes to Christmas, Mum’s often end up with the job of buying gifts for EVERYONE.  Partners, kids, parents, friends, teachers, the list goes on.  So what about us?  Well we’ve put together a list of 12 of our favourite things … just in case you need to share this with the people buying for you!

Addison Clothing

I’m going to be honest here … I can’t pick one item on the must-have list.  From the current drop I’ve got the Ruby, Lucia and Emily dresses and I love them all!  You cannot go wrong with anything from the Addison collection.


One of a Kind Singlet - Me.Store

This ‘one of a kind’ singlet from Me Store is one of my faves for summer.  Perfect for casual (or gym) wear, and for the time you’ll hopefully be spending on the beach.


Stainless Steel Pegs - Bento Ninja

Look, I know that getting things for your laundry is probably not that exciting, BUT stainless steel pegs are flipping awesome.  They’re sturdy, they’re cool, and they’re not plastic.  So maybe it’s worth sneaking them onto your list.


Guidebook - Outdoor Kid

If you are Waikato based, this book is a goldmine of places to go for family friendly outdoor adventures.  Don’t tell my husband, but he’s getting one from the kids for Christmas ready to get us out and about this summer!


Pepper & Me

Hands up if you’re tired of figuring out what to cook for dinner and how to make it exciting?  Have no fear, Pepper & Me is here and will solve all your problems.  I’m planning to load up on the Get Lit Sauce and the Chipotle and Lime Salt for summer.

Pump Mamas Tank - Eskimo Nell

Marnie from Eskimo Nell is the coolest chick – I love following her on Instagram and her Fuck the Funk journey.  However the pump mamas tank is probably my fave in her collection at the moment, and it’s definitely on my wishlist!

Zero Waste Bathroom Kit - Totally Balmy

We all know that I love trying to reduce our plastic intake, and Totally Balmy are leading the way with their gorgeous products.  My pick for a gift?  The zero waste bathroom kit!

Wine - Winefriend

When all else fails, Mum really wants wine.  Or at least I hope that’s not just me!  They have Christmas specials (3 bottles or 6 bottles), or gift cases (of 3 or 6 bottles), so the perfect treat for you!

Kawakawa Balm - Natural Nation

I could go a little crazy on the Natural Nation website, but I adore the sound of this body butter!  Black Raspberry, Vanilla and Kawakawa … hell yes. 


Family Keepsake Box - Keeps

I am in love with the Keeps Family Keepsake Box.  You know all those memory bits and pieces you hold onto and have nowhere to store?  Yup, here they go!  I’m tempted to get one for each child too, but for now, this would be for me. 

Albie Nursing Attire

Sometimes as a breastfeeding Mama you just want to feel pretty.  Albie Nursing Attire is new to the market and I have just snapped up one of the Hannah dresses (no, I’m not breastfeeding, I just love it!). 

Personalised Diary - Finndie Loo

If you love stationery and you love a good diary, then these personalised diaries need to be on your list!  Gorgeous fabrics and something just for you.

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